J. Elias Epp received multiple 5 star reviews from Reader's Favorite and his first book has more than 4.5 stars on Amazon. Join him as he creates a universe for inspiration!

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"Here is a tale of magic, featuring richly developed characters, each troubled by the need to know and the struggle to embrace their destiny."
Christine Sia for Reader's Favorite


Rylen flees mysterious enemies from his burning hometown, discovering the adventure he set out on is more than he bargained for. Everyone he's known is caught up in a deadly struggle centered on himself.

Raised by a cursed man called Hyrestl, Rylen will do anything to find the family he's never met. But fate has other plans. Desperate enemies plot to steal a treasure he doesn't know he has and no obstacle will stand in the way of their greed.

J. Elias Epp
Rising Fantasy and Sci-Fi Author 
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