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February Newsletter

Hello everyone!

It’s been another busy month! I did a little networking, started using a new writing tool, set up a web store and released the cover for Weak and Mighty.

Anyway, I visited my local bookstore, Twice Told Tales, and I gave them a free copy of my book. I enjoyed talking with them and I hope to follow up with them soon. Understandably, they haven’t had much success with selling local author books in the past. However, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to show them my support.

As for that new writing tool, I started using Plottr. It’s essentially a really fancy digital corkboard for digital notecards. Since I use a very real corkboard with very real notecards, I figured I’d go for their free trial and see how I liked it. Well, I can say I have been converted. It’s intuitive and maintains that big overview that I need for outlining and seeing the flow of my story. If you’re a writer keeping a lookout for a handy new tool, you can pick this one up for $25 a year.

Also, I set up a webstore that you can reach through my website. Right now, it is selling the digital copy of Weak and Mighty. You can support me directly! If you have any ideas for the things an author’s store could carry or that you would be interested in, let me know in the comments!

As you may have noticed, I’ve released the cover for Weak and Mighty. It’s mighty fine, isn’t it? Evocative on 99designs created it for me. I don’t have a release date for Weak and Mighty yet, but I’m hard at work writing and refining it.

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Until next time!

To God be the Glory,

Jonathan Epp

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