• J. Elias Epp

Review of Apolonia by Jamie McGuire

3 out of 5 stars! Liked it.

Let me start by saying this isn't a book I would usually read on my own choosing. But, it's for my book club and its good to read outside one's comfort zone once in a while. My review may come across as general, but I myself don't like even hints of spoilers so I won't subject others to it. If a MPAA rating were to be applied to this book, I would give it an R rating.

In any case, Jamie does a good job at the romance, relationship and character elements of the story. Rory's personality and how it has been shaped from her past is also handled very well. I also thought her capture of a college atmosphere was realistic and helped draw me in.

As far as quality of writing this is also very good though I have some comments on the flow. There were a few spots that forced me to reread them because they were a little "off" and I couldn't immediately discern why the character was responding like that. If you read this book, you will experience a point where the theme changes suddenly. Honestly, I was expecting a more hard sci-fi twist instead of the, hmm, well if I define it then it'll be a spoiler. The genre name is blatantly obvious.

This book does make it obvious on the writer's strengths. Jamie is good at the romance part of the story and the scifi part isn't that bad either. However, this is mainly a romance and not a scifi novel. This is plainly obvious as both her and her editors miss an important detail regarding what kind of weaponry America uses.

Overall it was enjoyable. It certainly would scratch an itch for romance with a fresh and different take. If you're a fan of scifi like me though, you might be left thirsty.

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